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IR Researcher has a new director.
Stockton Infrared Announces The Appointment of Ron Predmesky as the Director of the IRresearcher™ Division

Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc., (SITS) one of the USA’s leading providers of infrared (IR) thermographic services, announces the appointment of Ron Predmesky as the Director of Stockton’s IRresearcher™ Division. SITS provides state-of-the-art infrared testing services to top-500 companies and government agencies in the US, Canada, Central and South America. SITS has six other infrared application-specific divisions: ProcessSCAN™, ElectriSCAN™, CompuSCANIR™, buildscanirservices™, and AITscan™.

Ron’s experience includes 32 years as a research engineer for Ford Motor Company. His duties included work in tire testing, infrared weld inspections (spot, stir friction and ultrasonic), process control, Ford GT heat management, brake inspection, composite structures inspection, adhesives inspection and building facilities operations. During his tenure with Ford, he served as chairman of Ford Infrared Users Group and was an instructor of Level I and Level II infrared certification classes.

Special projects included: Formula 1, Stewart Grand Prix – non-destructive testing of composite structures, tire testing; Nextel Cup Cars, Ford Factory Sponsored Teams – which focused on tire testing and heat management; America’s Cup, America One, One World Challenge – which included hull non-destructive testing, and appendage inspections (spars, spreaders, rudders, steering pods and decking); and The University Of Michigan Solar Race Car, which consisted of assisting and instructing students in infrared inspection of composite structures. He received two US patents, one R&D 100 Award and two Henry Ford Technical Achievement Awards.
“I’m very excited about the opportunity to utilize my infrared experience to develop this division of SITS,” Mr. Predmesky states. Gregory R. Stockton, president of SITS, comments, “We are thrilled about the addition of someone of Ron’s caliber and level of experience to our team.”
Infrared thermography is a growing field that uses IR technology to test electro-mechanical equipment, enhance manufacturing processes and perform non-destructive testing (NDT). In addition to supporting the general efforts of the other divisions, IRresearcher™ division performs applications-specific infrared surveys, specifically research applications such as infrared NDT, infrared research of micro-circuits and is a consultancy to those wanting to install on-line systems.

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