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irresearchad.jpg (115040 bytes)Welcome to IRresearcher™, a division of Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. We hope you find this site interesting and informative.

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Meet IR Researcher Director Ron Predmesky

Research using infrared thermography is a growing field of study that uses IR technology to test and enhance manufacturing processes.

IRresearcher™ division supports the efforts of all our other divisions and performs applications-specific infrared surveys including all the applications that SITS performs where needed. In addition to this general support, there are two other more specialized groups: microSCANIR™ and CONSULTING™. See examples here.

microSCANIR™ group performs surveys for clients who need to qualify and/or quantify IR signatures on very small objects. We have capabilities down to 15 microns size. Many of these applications involve the inspection of micro-circuitry such as circuit boards, etc. They typically use infrared microscopes to monitor active circuits and often induce and introduce current by using our variable regulated power supplies in order to simulate the current levels. 

CONSULTING™ group advises those clients interested in purchasing infrared systems, but who do not have the time, inclination or engineering background to evaluate which system would be the most cost-effective or appropriate to own. Since we do not sell infrared systems, we can provide unbiased solutions and systems recommendations for process monitoring, on-line IR systems or most any other type of application. We also provide consulting services for those companies who want to improve their current IR program, even if they already have the equipment. 

Why IRresearcher™?
Our thermographers are experienced, dedicated and have the very best infrared equipment and software on the market available to them. Put our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to work for you!

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