About Us

About IRresearcher™ 

Professional and Expert Infrared Thermographers

The application of infrared technology in research is a continuously expanding and promising field. The IRresearcher™ team is committed to delivering infrared consulting services and surveys to both internal and external clients.

In addition to general support, we also have two specialized divisions within IRresearcher™: microSCANIR™ and CONSULTING™. These groups are focused on providing advanced infrared imaging and analysis, as well as consulting services to our clients.

A group of infrared thermographers with their camera preparing to perform infrared consulting.

Infrared Services for Your Business

Expert infrared solutions for all your needs.

An image of an aerial infrared survey of a building, detailing areas of roof moisture.

IR Surveys

General infrared support for clients and company divisions.

A close-up of a microchip that has been surveyed using infrared technology to detect flaws.


IR surveys on very small objects – to 15 microns in size.


Advising on IR system purchasing, installation and use.

Why Choose Us

Reasons For Choosing Us

Highest Quality

Easy-to-understand reports with actionable insights.

Cost Effective

IR research can be very cost effective compared to other methods.

Experienced Staff

Professional thermographers with decades of experience.

A division of Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.

Working With The Best

Some well-known clients